About us

At core:workers we create strategic, creative and involving communication that moves employees, managers and companies. We call it strategic employee communication, and we are proud of being capable of solving tasks in the complex intersection between HR, communication, marketing and strategic work. An intersection where employer branding, internal communication and job adverts are present.

This requires an exceptionally strong combination of business and organisational understanding and creativity allowing us to help our customers attracting and engaging employees to create even better bottom-line results. For more than 20 years we have combined our experience from the fields of HR, communication, analysis, advertising and management and seen ourselves as HR’s and the internal communications department’s own agency. We understand their particular challenges, and we believe it’s just as cool to be hanging on the inside of the customers’ head quarters as on the outside. This is the case with a number of Scandinavia’s largest and most exciting companies. We are not only Scandinavia’s leading agency within employer branding and Talent Attraction. Since our customers’ ambitions often cross national borders, we are also a part of the global agency network, OneAgent.

What is OneAgent?

OneAgent is a joint venture between leading, independent agencies in the USA, Europe and Asia. We combine global strategic thinking with a flexible approach reflecting our customers’ needs. More about our collaboration with OneAgent As employer branding and internal communication are global disciplines, which typically require us to think across markets and regions, the members of OneAgent have chosen to collaborate and share their knowledge, resources and information freely and openly in order to supply our customers with the best solutions.

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