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Recruitment campaign – SAP Specialists

As part of a new strategy Danish pension savings giant ATP had to insource their SAP functions. This was a great challenge as experienced SAP profiles are few, very well-paid and very rarely active in the job market – making them hard to get in touch with. At the same time, ATP is not well-known as a SAP workplace.

Working closely with ATP, core:workers developed an online campaign. The foundation was a combined job and image advert conveying the history of the organisation and its importance to Danish society and coupling this theme with the new focus on creating a world-class SAP expert environment. Clear emphasis was put on what ATP employees stood to gain by this. Peripheral to the advert, core:workers developed a series of banner ads and the package was pushed through carefully selected media targeted at SAP specialists. We recommended this bespoke solution rather than a traditional approach.

core:workers now helps ATP with a number of other initiatives aimed at strengthening the company’s image as a workplace.

Results & effect
The initiative resulted in ATP receiving 125 high quality applications. All open positions were filled, including an especially demanding position as head of section for which 250.000 DKK had been allocated for a recruitment agency to fill. In addition, the recruitments were closed in such a short time that ATP saved a significant amount on external consultants.

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