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Employer Branding concept

The competition on the toys market and in the retail trade is uncompromising. TOP-TOY, which consists of BR, Toys’R’Us and NORSTAR, needed a new cross-disciplinary employer branding concept they could apply of the race to attract the best employees.

Taking its point of departure in TOP-TOY’s mission, vision, values and strategy, core:workers has developed an Employer Value Proposition (EVP) and concept which reflect TOP-TOY’s particular DNA. The concept “a seriously fun job” expresses the special composition of workplace and playground, which is rather distinct for TOP-TOY. The concept is anchored in a thorough analysis and elaborated in the job advertising concept in several languages, at the career site, in films, brochures, banner ads, etc. It has been developed in close collaboration with representatives from relevant target groups and with TOP-TOY’s HR department, which was able to proceed with the anchoring in the local markets as a result of this.

Result and effect

  • The message platform has put TOP-TOY’s identity anno 2012-2013 into words and pictures
  • The concept unites the special composition of play and work, which is TOP-TOY’s distinctive feature
  • A coherent external branding of TOP-TOY as a work place, which embraces BR, Toys’R’Us as well as NORSTAR

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