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Internal communication and employee magazine

SVITZER has 4000 employees working on five continents and 150 locations, both office workers and tugboat crews. How do you ensure that the employees share a common understanding of the company, the business targets and values that SVITZER represents?

For almost 10 years, core:workers has acted as full-service agency for MAERSK-owned SVITZER, a company specialised in salvage and marine services and one of the leading players in its industry. In cooperation with SVITZER, core:workers has developed the global employee magazine LighthouseMagazine, which disseminates knowledge and news about the company’s business areas and important new initiatives, all revolving around the company’s business strategy. core:workers is part of the process all the way beginning with editorial planning, after which we conduct interviews, produce and rewrite articles from managers and employees and handle layout and production. The 20-24 pages magazine is published thrice a year in 4000 copies.

Result & effect
Core:workers are eagerly awaiting a scheduled survey set to find out how the employee magazine is received and used. Until those results are published, we are very proud that a few years ago, Maersk McKinney-Møller wrote a personal letter to SVITZER’s CEO praising the magazine for being ”Cleverly done”.

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