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Being Denmark’s largest communications company, all of TDC’s communication must be professional and efficient. In 2006 TDC decided that all job adverts had to be linked closer to the company’s corporate brand – both in terms of layout and tone of voice.

TDC chose to outsource the production of job adverts to core:workers. Together we have developed a simple process with strong tools to optimally assist and ease the burden of hiring managers and HR Consultants. Ever since, core:workers’ team of Job Advert Specialists has produced more than 700 adverts, including 7 trainee campaigns. Concurrently, core:workers has contributed to optimising TDC’s job and career site, correspondence with applicants, leadership communication, talent management communication, etc.

Result and effect
The collaboration has resulted in a professionalisation and harmonisation of our adverts, and in relief for the hiring managers and HR organisation which both can focus their efforts on their own fields of expertise now.

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