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Graduate campaign film

Nykredit has developed a new graduate programme. In connection with the launch of the programme, Nykredit wanted to use moving images in a slightly more ambitious way than usual for recruitment and employer branding initiatives. The new film didn’t just have to present facts about the programme but also had to convey Nykredit’s position as an attractive and demanding company.

A lot of company presentations and employee- and graduate films follow a very traditional template with ”talking heads”, ostentatious images of corporate HQ facades and loads of factual information. With Nykredit’s graduate film core:workers has gone in a completely different direction. Using recording techniques and color tones known from feature films and a storyboard emphasising emotions, atmospheres and drawing in the viewer, we’ve created a different and more involving graduate film.

 The film conveys Nyredit’s personality, the demands put on the candidate and what Nykredit has to offer as a workplace. core:workers are now busy helping Nykredit improve their onboarding of new employees through an innovative portal solution created with the same high level of ambition.

Result and effect
Internally, the film has been very well received, and the first external reactions indicate that the mission is a success here as well.

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