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Employer Branding concept and campaign

As a discount super market, it is a constant challenge to convince people that Netto is not a discount workplace. Netto wants to be positioned as a challenging place to go to work for employees who are not afraid to roll up their sleeves.

Netto strives to be a workplace known for challenging tasks that go well beyond stacking shelves, sorting return bottles and manning the till. The driving force is engaged employees who ”deliver the goods”. This concept headline means a lot internally – and ties together everything from the films (starring actual Netto employees) and Facebook game to instore materials and job adverts. Delivering the goods means serving customers fast. Ordering new supplies promptly. Developing your employees efficiently. ”If you can deliver the goods” separates the wheat from the chaff – and identifies a true Netto employee.

Result and effect
With a humoruous and tongue-in-cheek campaign that directly addresses the preconceptions and salutes Netto’s proud and industrious employees, core:workers and Netto have succeeded in altering the perception of Netto as a workplace. The increased focus on Netto as a workplace has resulted in increased traffic on both website and Facebook. And the employees have quickly adopted the concept and use it actively and with enthusiasm.

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