Employer Branding

Employer branding is a gateway to better attraction, increased engagement and a higher level of productivity. Improvements that all companies have at the top of their agendas these days. To get that far, you need to move your employer brand in the desired direction. And with a targeted, strategic approach you can create a unique position for your brand as a work place.

You already have an employer brand whether you decide to make something of it or not. Your employer brand is all-important to new employees as to whether they would want to work for you… and whether they feel like staying and making an effort. A solid employer brand builds on a clear coherence between your identity, image and profile as an employer: in other words your culture, reputation and communication must fit together. If you say one thing and do another or if you don’t do anything at all, you will leave it all up to chance as to whether employees will choose or reject you. Doing so, you risk poor attraction, bad matches, a high level of employee turnover, low engagement levels and reduced productivity. If you work strategically and are at the forefront of this, on the other hand, it will positively support both numbers and the level of job satisfaction. So employer branding is about how the company creates a unique position as an attractive work place. This will happen by working strategically and determinedly with your profile and identity in order to promote the preferred image as a work place. Broadly speaking, the tools at your disposal are to take a stand, to differentiate your company from the competitors on the job market, and to communicate at eye-level to the job target groups with whom you want to interact. Other tools include showing the practical and emotional advantages you have as an employer – and here your EVP (employer value promise), your employer branding concept and your courage will play a major part. You cannot bore people into applying for or staying at a job. If you forget about the fragments, it’s all about knowing your employees’ wishes and needs and telling and spreading a good, engaging story about your work place – and hereby creating a stronger psychological contract between the business and potential and present employees. Ideally, the story needs to be told through all the channels the company has to new and potential employees. From careers fairs to career sites, from job adverts to job interviews, from introduction letters to introduction, from performance reviews of leaders to employees, yes – all the way from attraction to phasing out of employees. The strategic work with employer branding contrasts sharply with the ad hoc approach, which has dominated companies’ handling of e.g. job adverts, careers fairs, job sites and other employee communication for decades, where you just toss something together at the last minute. At core:workers we help HR, communication and marketing departments with employer branding strategies and analyses, with the development of EVPs and employer branding concepts, development of employer branding action plans, media plans with all the elements and materials in the toolbox and with individual employer branding tasks, workshops and consulting. Our consultancy and services are built on 20 years’ experience with employer branding and corporate image. We run the networking site, and our Managing Director, Henrik Engelund has published an educational textbook “Employer branding som disciplin” (Employer branding as a discipline). You can learn more in the film about employer branding in which the expert, Henrik Engelund adds more words and examples to it. You can also read more about our two other main areas: internal communication and job adverts.

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