Talent Attraction

Job adverts are a very important part of any good recruitment process. It is with the job advert that we get to specify the job’s context, the tasks you need to solve and the qualification and skills you need to have in order to succeed. The good job advert is crucial for bringing your company in touch with the most suitable candidates. At the same time, good job adverts can be an essential supplement to the company’s general employer branding.

Producing a good job advert, however, is not an easy task. Especially if you are a Manager or an HR Consultant working with completely different tasks or having other specialised competencies than writing texts. The result of leaving it up to the manager is typically imprecise prose, an increased level of administrative work due to unqualified applicants, regular bad hires and a poorer employer brand. Expensive, cost-intensive and frustrating. The solution might be that you choose to outsource the whole of or part of your job advert production. core:workers is Denmark’s one and only communication and advertising agency specialised in employer and job communication. Since 1989 we have worked intensively with the production of job adverts for Danish as well as international companies. The result has been more than 30,000 adverts during the years, and the number keeps rising. Our team of Consultants and Copywriters collectively constitutes more than 30 years’ experience. There is no functional area or type of job that we haven’t already encountered. As a result, the sparring and text deliveries will have a quality level that surpasses traditional linguistic reviews. This will come to show in the advert, which is tailored for the different job groups and carefully considers your criteria. Scientific profiles get the richness and length they expect from an advert. Engineers and Technicians get the preferred combination of prose and bullet point presentation. Marketing and Communication professionals get the good story in prose. Blue-collar workers get simpler adverts as to tone of voice and stylistic choices, etc. As an independent agency we are not in partnership with any media, consultancy or any other actor in the market. Our advertising is merely centred round what is best for the individual company. core:workers offers an unbiased one stop shopping solution all the way from analysis to advertising. In short, this covers:

  • pre-analyses of company input
  • follow-up by phone and elaborating interviews with hiring manager
  • additional sparring and consultancy by phone and e-mail
  • unbiased consultancy on media choices
  • production of advert in Word format, including comments for further   consideration
  • adjustments and updated advert delivered the day after feedback at the latest
  • flexibility and the opportunity for fast-track processing without extra cost

We have long-standing collaborative agreements on job adverts with companies such as Arla Foods, TDC, FLSmidth, Novo Nordisk, Rockwool and several companies in the A.P. Møller – Mærsk Group. It goes without saying that we can also help with other services related to job adverts. You can also read more about employer branding.

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