core:workers has developed a number of Denmark’s most well-known and iconic Employer Brands. Over more than 25 years we have helped companies create growth, engagement and attractive workplaces by putting employees first in communication.

Employer Branding

Do you have the reputation you deserve as a workplace? Employer Branding is the way to create the attractive and authentic profile that will get the future growth creators on board. We develop strong narratives, creative concepts and efficient activation plans that position your workplace towards the right heads, hearts and hands. The foundation is strong dataset and insights that help you hit the target.

Talent Marketing

Do you chase the employees of tomorrow using yesterday’s methods – or do you use the right messages in the right channels? We help you activate the communication that attracts the best profiles to your workplace. We do it through targeted, creative and engaging campaigns across the most efficient social, digital and physical channels, continuously optimising performance and delivering data on effect.

Corporate Branding

Your corporate brand and your employer brand are closely intertwined. We are experts on your employees, the biggest growth creators and most important target audience – and we help you integrate Corporate and Employer Branding to shorten the distance from strategy and competences to growth. We develop purposes and core narratives that create meaning, direction and profile for employees, clients and other target audiences.

Henrik Engelund, CEO and owner

Henrik is Scandinavia’s leading expert on Employer Branding and a popular strategist, concept developer, advisor and speaker. He is the author of the book “Employer Branding as a discipline and founded core:workers almost 25 years ago. Henrik sets the team and the direction when core:workers solves tasks and problems. You can book Henrik for strategy and concept development, lectures, peptalks and workshops on Employer Branding and the art of finding a company’s purpose – the answer to the big Why? Call Henrik on +45 4062 0600 or write on

Andreas Jørgensen, Director

Andreas is Director and Employer Branding expert. He is also a specialist in project management and creative processes and an experienced coordinator on SPRINT projects. Andreas creates and keeps overview for clients and colleagues all the way from initial analyses and co-creation workshops over strategy development and planning to creative execution. You can book Andreas for SPRINT projects, project design and strategic and creative Employer Branding. Call Andreas on +45 2271 8482 or write on